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Terms & Conditions

1. General Rules.

1.1. Terms:
„Company” - EASIT
„Site” -, internet address, where gambling is organized.
„Account” - each registered EASIT Site user private access to the company services.
 „User” - client, which is registered on and uses its services
 „Username” - user’s chosen name in collaboration with the Company,
 „Bet” - amount of money on which the client bear risk using services
„Deposit” - amount of money, which User transfers to his User account via Company’s bank account.
„Withdrawal” - amount of money, which the User tranfers from player Account to his bank account.
„Bet limit” - maximum amount of bet or count of bets within one session.
1.2. Terms & Conditions announced below, regulate service usage terms and conditions of Site. It applies to all registered Users.
1.3. The company provides interactive gambling, online casino gaming,
services. Interactive gambling - gambling, where the player can participate via Internet communication services.
1.4. Site Terms & Condition have been translated into several languages, but only the Terms & Conditions in Latvian have legal power between the User and the Company. In case of disagreement between the texts of the contract, Terms & Conditions in Latvian will be consider as fundamental.
1.5. The Company is not liable for default or untimely execution if there are involved commonly known causes of force majeure (strikes, natural disasters, fires, wars, civil unrest, etc.) or any other condition that was not known at the time of the contract and the Company is not able to control or prevent it.
1.6. The Company operates in accordance with the applicable Latvian laws and regulations. Any disputes that might be linked with these rules shall be resolved by mutual agreement, if mutual agreement is not reached, a court with applicable Latvian laws and regulations should be considered.
1.7. Complaints and claims Company accepts only in written form within 30 days from the event and if they are sent to the Company’s address: Riga, Katrīnas Street 12, LV-1045, tel. (+371) 67321251. Complaints are considered and responses provided within 15 working days after their receipt.
1.8. The Company complies with laws and regulations of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Latvia, which controls Latvian Republic Lotteries and Gambling Supervisory Inspection, located in: Riga, Brīvības street 33 (4th floor), LV-1050, The company has acquired licence (licence number TI-03) on 1st of August, 2013 for indefinite period of time.
1.9. The Company at any given moment can change, modify or supplement Terms & Conditions after approval of respective Latvian Government institutions. The changes become affective when approved by the respective authorities and published on the Site.
2. Registration Rules.
2.1. Only registered Users can use the services of the Site
2.2. In registration form the User provides information as follows:
Personal code or passport number;
Birth date;
Bank and IBAN account number;
Address, postal code and city;
Mobile phone number;
E-mail address;
Username and password;
Maximum limits on one bet or count of bets within one session;
Approval, that you want to receive information, offers and promotions from the Site;
Approval, that the User is above 18;
Approval, that the User has read, understood and agrees with Terms & Condition.
2.3. After registration Company within 3 (three) days time period perform personal data and age verification according to Latvian laws and regulations; however, in any case of suspicion it may require additional document copies of identity. Within their own limits of information the Company examines whether the person is not removed from the registry of interactive gambling.
2.4. Register, bet and use the Site services are allowed to those persons who have attained the age of 18.
2.5. Account can be registered only with your own personal data. Use and bet on the account can only its owner.
2.6. The User shall not disclose the basic information of account access: Username and Password to others. If the User suspects that someone else has access to his account, he shall report it to the Company. If the Company suspects that the account is used by a third party, the Company may "freeze" the Account i.e. temporarily limit the access to Users account, to clarify the facts and information.
2.7. It is not allowed to bet on behalf of others. The Company reserves the right to cancel this bet.
2.8. The Company has the right at any time to request and make sure of the information disclosed at registration process.
2.9. The Company reserves the right to refuse registration of a new User and block or close the Account without explaining the reasons.
2.10. One person may register no more than one account, if it is established that a User has multiple accounts and they have been used to violate the Terms & Conditions or limits, the Company reserves the right to block any User Account, and cancel bets exceeding the limit, or all bets and winnings.
2.11. Each household may have only one Account, if it has more Accounts; reporting the fact to the Company is required.
2.12. User may request to exclude himself from the Site for a definite or indefinite period of time.
2.13. If the Account has been cancelled or suspended, the Company reserves the right to investigate the origin of the money before withdrawal.
2.14. Company for each User can set or change any limits without explaining the reasons.
3. Deposit and Withdrawal Rules.
3.1. User may deposit on player Account only with registered bank account or credit card on his name by using one of three methods: Swedbank internet banking, credit card or bank transfer. If payment is made from account, which is registered on another name, the money will be refunded and bank fees will be charged
3.2. The money is paid out to the same credit account from which it was deposited.
3.3. In the event that the User uses the funds that were incorrectly credited to a player's Account, such as an incorrect result or calculation of winning, and the User is performing an operation, for example, made a bet, and the player's Account balance after error correction is negative, then the User must repay the wrong amount received.
3.4. The maximum single deposit amount is EUR 1500 (one thousand five hundred euros), while the maximum amount of the day deposit is EUR 8000 (eight thousand euros)
3.5. Minimum one deposit amount is EUR 10 (ten euros).
3.6. The win of up to EUR 720 (seven hundred and twenty euros) is paid immediately, the win of EUR 721 (seven hundred and twenty-one euros) to EUR 14300 (fourteen thousand three hundred euros) is payable within 24 hours, the win of more than EUR 14300 (fourteen thousand three hundred euros) is paid within 30 days and not more than in two installments, the first installment is 30% of the win and is paid within 15 days, but the second installment of 70% is paid no later than in 30 days.
3.7. Cash flows are only in euros.
4. Betting Rules.
4.1. The minimum amount of bet for each casino game is different. See casino game rules in Casino section -Rules.
4.2. The maximum amount of bet for each casino game is different. See casino game rules in Casino section- Rules.


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